Help & FAQs

1. Do you offer a military discount?
We are unable to offer a military discount for orders placed online. 
2. How much is shipping?
Shipping costs are based on the items chosen and the shipping address.  The best way to accurately determine the exact cost of shipping is to register as a customer and begin the buying process.  After you have input your shipping address and selected the items you desire, you will be given your shipping options with their respective pricing.  Only after you have reviewed your shipping options and made your selection, will you be asked for any type of payment information. 
3. Can you ship the Long neck bottles?
We are unable to ship our long-neck bottles found in the store.  They are too fragile and usually break off in transit.  Our 38 oz. bottle is better suited to shipping.
4. Do we ship to addresses outside the United States? 
Yes, we are able to ship everything EXCEPT our smoked meats to foreign addresses.  Orders destined for Canada may be placed on the web site.  To send a package to any other country, please call 1-877-609-3337 or email us at
5. Do you ship to PO Boxes?
No, we ship all orders via UPS and they will not deliver to a PO Box.
6. Do you ship to APO, DPO & FPO addresses?
Yes, we will ship any of the items except the smoked meats.  Please call 1-877-609-3337 to place an order.
7. Can you ship items in a USPS Flat Rate Box?
No, Flat rate boxes from USPS are a great deal, but unfortunately they will not work for 99% of our orders.  In order to insure that our "Sause" arrives safely we must use a custom box specifically designed to allow for our foam packaging.  In addition to the extra cost for using a non flat-rate box; package tracking, insurance and delivery confirmation each have additional costs.  Once everything is added up, our negotiated UPS rates and the USPS rates are consistent with each other. 
8. Does the “Sause” need to be refrigerated after opening?
No, the “Sause” does not need to be refrigerated after it has been opened.
9. Are the “Sause” and Rub Gluten free?
The Rudy's formulas contain no products that would be suspected of containing gluten. However, they do contain distilled vinegar, caramel color and modified food starch. Distilled vinegar is produced from grain and could contain very small amounts of gluten. The manufacturer cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no gluten present even though none is identified by tests. The same situation exists in the caramel color and food starch. The starch is a product of corn but there is a very small chance of trace gluten being present, perhaps from the same milling equipment being used for wheat products.
10. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
No. Currently, our items  are offered for retail sale only.
11. How do I reset my password?
Click here, enter your accounts' email address, then click the "Request new Password" button.